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Midnight Thoughts 3

I didn’t write on this blog for a while, maybe the last time is 3 months ago. Now I’m writing here to record my current status and also escape from the weird thoughts. During these months(COVID time), I felt like I found myself in career way. Like studying PowerBI , giving presentation in webinars , but right now I change my mind I haven’t finish anything. All of my studies are on-going process. I don’t have goal. Even I set up goals , it changes every time. That’s my behavior since my childhood. I couldn’t help myself to change my own.

Tomorrow is the deadline for one of my works. I still need to finish it. I found interesting course (again). The title is Elements of Computational Communication. It’s the course taught by a Chinese Professor (named Cheng-Jun Wang). The published book is also in Chinese but Google Translate helped me a lot. It also had Github repo. If I’ve time and also determination, I should follow those resources. I couldn’t ever upgrade myself to the Coding Level in Data. I’m having fun using Tools at the beginner level.

Huuuuuuu , I’ve to work, should stop my writing here.